About myself

My name is Ian Pennell and I live and work near Alston in the beautiful North Pennines. I work as a part-time Bookkeeper.

I lived and worked in Lancaster following my graduation with a degree in Environmental Science from Lancaster University in 1992; since then I had a number of jobs in old people’s homes and hotels (i.e. not making use of my degree)- until I did an Accounting course a few years ago!

Having been brought up in rural Cumbria (and also lived just to the south of the county for a number of years) I am familiar with issues affecting rural life and communities and this forms a basis of my Website: City-based corporations like the BBC tend to have limited understanding that there are large areas of the country (complete with their own local issues) that go unreported and unrepresented simply because their populations are lower and they do not vie for the attention of urban matters in the same way.

I have been interested in trying to rectify the short-comings in Regional Television in large rural counties in the North of England like Cumbria and Northumberland since suffering the experience of seeing most of Cumbria chopped out of BBC North West Tonight back in 1991- when I was studying at Lancaster University- and thereafter not only not being able to find out what was going on nearer home (I was, as already mentioned, brought up on Alston Moor in rural northeast Cumbria) but seeing little coverage immediately local to Lancaster and South Cumbria.. but rather a lot of coverage of Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire.

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